Vega Tool also provides a premium line of screw feeders by Quicher and electric screwdrivers by Nitto Kohki, both specially designed to improve productivity in manufacturing facilities.

The quality control process is enhanced with the Quicher screwfeeders by allowing the use of various sizes and types of screws, while the Nitto Kohki line of screwdrivers runs faster and more accurate over the life of the tool.

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With the world’s first replaceable rail system, the Quicher brand of screw feeders allows for a wide range of screw types to be smoothly loaded, aligned and fed to the production line. These feeders can easily be rearranged and linked as well, to provide continuous operation and improve the productivity of the quality control process.
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Nitto Kohki Specially designed to provide accuracy and long-term reliability, these Nitto Khoki screwdrivers feature a high-speed motor for faster and tighter results, reduced hand recoil for diminished fatigue and a brushless motor for extended tool life. Plus, these delvo screwdrivers are quieter than conventional pneumatic screwdrivers.
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