Lobster Pneumatic Riveters

High Performance Riveters

The High Performance Series of riveters from Lobster Tool provides maximum performance while offering a revolutionary design making it both user friendly and environmentally friendly.


» R1A1

The innovative design elements of the R1A1 Pneumatic Riveter from Lobster Tool have won it the Good Design Award for its enhancement of the industry. The compact construct of this riveter incorporates a reduced diameter frame head and a left/right adjustable air fitting for easy access to the work piece, along with a slender handle and lightweight body for comfortable handling over extended periods.

The R1A1 boasts a remarkable strength-to-weight ratio, delivering a 19mm stroke and a capability to set standard blind rivets up to 3/16” in size in a single trigger action.

Plus, a 30% reduction in air consumption of this high performance riveter makes it an eco-friendly alternative to most competitive air riveters on the market today.


» R1A2

Continuing to advance the industry with their ground-breaking designs, the R1A2 Pneumatic Riveter is the next generation of high performance riveters from Lobster Tool. Also a winner of the Good Design Award, this air riveter was fabricated to work in collaboration with the original R1A1, setting heavy rivets up to ¼” in size.

Not only is the heavy duty R1A2 compact and lightweight, but it delivers a 26mm long stroke, allowing it to cut stainless, long type or high strength blind rivets. It incorporates the same left/right adjustable air fitting and reduced diameter frame head for easier access to tight spaces.

With a high capacity vacuum mandrel collection tank to improve efficiency, the R1A2 is ideal for high volume applications.

Lightweight Riveters

This lightweight series of riveters from Lobster Tool features a quick rivet setting cycle and long stroke for increased productivity. A built in muffler reduces work noise, while a wear resistant surface extends tool life. Plus all riveters in this series incorporate an ergo-friendly Soft-Set® shock absorbing technology to increase worker safety and minimize the risk of CTDs (cumulative trauma disorders).

» AR-2000S

This lightweight riveter is ideal for high volumes, delivering a 14mm stroke for small diameter rivets up 1/8” in all materials and 5/32” in aluminum.

» AR-2000SV

With the same 14mm stroke and 5/32” riveting capacity, this high volume lightweight riveter incorporates a vacuum system for mandrel retention and collection.

» AR-2000M

This high volume riveter features a longer stroke than previous generations. Its 16mm long stroke can set blind rivets up to 3/16” in all materials.

» AR-2000MV

Also featuring a 16mm long stroke, this high volume riveter can set blind rivets up to 3/16” in all materials, but incorporates a vacuum system for mandrel retention and collection.

» AR-2000H

Ideal for large diameter standard rivets up to ¼” with optional S-Bolts, this heavy-duty air riveter features a 18mm long stroke, handling much faster than previous generations.

» AR-2000HV

Featuring the same 18mm long stroke with a ¼” riveting capacity when used in conjunction with the optional S-Bolts, this heavy-duty riveter incorporates a vacuum system for mandrel retention and collection.

» AR-2000A-90

This air riveter features a 90-degree angled head with a 360-degree rotating head for easier access to difficult-to-reach applications. With a riveting capacity up to 5/32” in all materials and 3/16” in aluminum, this angled riveter has a 16mm long stroke.

» AR-2000A-45

This angled air riveter incorporates a 45-degree angled head for riveting applications in the wrong position and a 360-degree rotating head for increased flexibility. It has delivers a 16mm stroke with the ability to set rivets up to 5/32” in all materials and 3/16” in aluminum.

» AR-2000A-00

This 0-degree angled head riveter is ideal for riveting applications in tight corners with a riveting capacity up to 5/32” in all materials and 3/16” in aluminum. It incorporates a 360-degree rotating head for increased flexibility and better work posture, while delivering a 16mm long stroke.

Versatile & Durable Riveters

This series of pneumatic riveters are built with a heavy-duty die cast construction for much more rugged applications. Featuring ultra jaws for longer jaw life, these versatile and durable riveters incorporate an ergo friendly Soft-Set® shock absorbing technology to increase worker safety and minimize the risk of CTDs (cumulative trauma disorders). Plus a noise-reducing muffler provides a quieter work environment.


» AR-021EXH

Specifically designed for heavy-duty applications, these air riveters are built for a riveting capacity of 3/16” or ¼”. The AR-021EX offers a 26mm long stroke with all nosepieces included with the tool. The AR-021EXH offers a 22mm long stroke and comes with over 3700 lbs. of traction power.

Separate Tank Riveters

Featuring a separate tank unit, these pneumatic riveters reduce hand fatigue by allowing you to leave the heavy remote intensifier pumps on the floor. Plus the swivel head mechanism offers flexible maneuvering for additional ergonomic benefits.

» AR-012

This lightweight air riveter offers over 2800 lbs. of traction power, delivering a 16mm stroke and a riveting capacity up to ¼”. Plus it features a hand-operated rivet pistol head for increased movement.

» ARV-025M

This dynamic separate tank riveter provides a lightweight, compact riveting head weighing less than 2 lbs. The in-line vertical design, thoughtful trigger placement and exclusive hydraulic swivel fittings offer ergonomic benefits and ease of use. With a 20mm long stroke, this air riveter can set rivets up to 3/16” and offers a built in mandrel vacuum system for mandrel retention and evacuation.

Inline Riveter

An industry standard for over 25 years, the inline riveter from Lobster Tool offers a unique ergonomic in-line vertical design for improved productivity in assembly line production with an overhead counterbalance approach.

» ARV-015M

This inline pneumatic riveter features ultra jaws for longer jaw life and an integrated vacuum system for mandrel removal. Offering a 16mm stroke, the ARV-015M is capable of setting standard rivets in all materials up to 5/32” and in aluminum up to 3/16”.

Pneumatic Nut Rivet Setter

Newly redesigned for improved reliability and durability, these air nut rivet setters are built from a rugged aluminum die cast construction and are powered by a heavy-duty power motor for easy maintenance. With a single lever operation, they are easy to operate offering twice the speed of electric nut rivet setters.

» AN-200A

This lightweight pneumatic nut rivet setter can quickly and securely fasten rivets due to a rapid placement sequence that allows a nut setting capacity from M4 to M10 in all materials and M3 with optional M3 nosepiece. The AN-200A features a built in scale for easy stroke adjustment, a rotary air joint for flexible maneuvering and a one-stage trigger to thread mandrel, collapse rivet nut and reverse spin itself out of the setting for increased production time.