Lobster Cordless Riveters

Cordless Riveters

The award winning design of the lightweight, ergonomic cordless riveters from Lobster Tool provides flexibility and high speed riveting capacities without the need for an air compressor.


» R1B1

The unique curve and short grip girth of the high-speed R1B1 cordless riveter provides a well balanced design for comfortable handling over extended periods, dramatically reducing user fatigue.

Despite the compact, lightweight design, the R1B1 riveter delivers a 22mm stroke and is capable of setting up to 3/16” blind rivets. Using an energy efficient 14.4v lithium ion battery, this cordless riveter can install four times more rivets on a single charge than conventional cordless models.

For further ease of use, a newly integrated mandrel container efficiently collects spent mandrels while an LED spotlight precisely illuminates the work area.


» R1B2

As the next generation cordless riveter from Lobster, the R1B2 offers the same comfortable, ergonomic grip as the R1B1, but is specifically designed for heavier duty applications.

Compact and lightweight like the R1B1, it also delivers a 22mm stroke, but is capable of setting up to ¼” high strength blind rivets. Utilizing an energy efficient 14.4v lithium ion battery, this high-speed riveter is in the industry’s fastest class of cordless riveters with a 1.1-second cycle time.

The R1B2 also offers the same user-friendly features including an LED spotlight to illuminate the work area, mandrel collector to collect spent mandrels and an optional integrated rivet counter for riveting management.

 Drill Attachment

The dynamic drill attachment from Lobster Tool easily transforms your impact driver into a high-speed riveter in a single operation.


» @R03i

The innovative design of the @R03i Drill Attachment easily fits standard hexagonal chucks on impact drivers making it ideal for automotive repairs, DIY projects, home repairs and other similar applications.

This powerful converted riveter is capable of setting up to 3/16” rivets for larger volumes, saving hours of labor and avoiding hand fatigue typically associated with hand riveters, thus increasing the scope of work.