With a focus on environmental responsibility, Amano provides a full line of eco-friendly products with the sole purpose of improving the environment of manufacturing facilities worldwide.

By removing hazardous substances from the air, Amano’s environmental systems not only improve the safety of your employees, but increase productivity as well.

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Filtration Mist Collector The Amano line of filtration mist collectors is specifically designed to filter and clean the air of oil based and water soluble mist generated by machine tools, spraying jobs and other abrasive operations. By utilizing a smaller design and reusable filters, these mist collectors are not only efficient, but eco-friendly as well.
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Filterless Mist Collector
As Amano’s first ever filterless mist collection system, the MJ Series provides dramatically decreased operation costs since no filter replacements are required. These mist collectors remain highly efficient by utilizing disk and cyclone technology to provide suction and mist collection for longer periods.

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Electrostatic Mist Collector Primarily used for oil mist collection, the EM series of electrostatic mist collectors are more than 99% efficient in trapping electronically charged mist particles, thus providing a higher level of clean air. With zero filters needed, this environmentally friendly design can easily be washed and reused for an increased maintenance cycle.
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