Vega Tool has been providing brand name solutions to the metal cutting industry since our inception in 1973.

By providing high-end cutting tool solutions with unique geometries, premium substrates and the latest in coating technologies, our customers receive optimal performance at minimal cost on high performance taps, end mills and drills.

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VTC Taps Vega taps have become synonymous with quality and reliability due to their consistent quality and prolonged tool life. The wide range of high performance taps provide optimal performance time and time again.
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VTC End Mills
The extended neck length of the Vega Tool line of deep ball end mills, combined with the specialty S/DG coating, makes this tool ideal for deep cavity work in high hardness materials.
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VTC Drills Vega Tool brand rapid feed drills provide unsurpassed durability and performance in deep-hole drilling. With accelerated speeds and feeds, these go-to drills are perfect for general purpose high feed drilling.
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